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BASF Group, the renowned largest chemical producer in the world, sent its apprentices and tutors to Pistoia, in collaboration with…


the local Incubator CSCS which is carrying on many mobility initiatives, among others the Erasmus For Young Enterpreneurs Project. The tutors have arrived on the 13th September 2017 to monitor five students from BBS Wirthschaft 1 Ludwigshafen who are carrying out a traineeship at local enterprises in Pistoia with the programme of BBS […]

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Celebrated in Pistoia the European Alliance for Apprenticeship awarding the participants of the skillman piloting courses


In collaboration with the local Incubator, Skillman has promoted in Pistoia, the Italian capital of culture 2017, the celebration of the European Alliance for Apprenticeship. The event took place the 26th of May and was an opportunity to talk about the apprenticeship schemes and the mobility for learning opportunities including the presentation of the Erasmus […]

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Young people involved in Italymobility give a very positive score to their experience


Young people involved in cross-border business exchanges of give positive scores to the services provided by CSCS. Business support and entrepreneurial education services are strongly appreciated by young people involved in the business exchanges in Italy. This result have come to light from the surveys on the degree of overall satisfaction addressed to the […]

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Odense Technical College – Denmark

A group of 20 trainers from electricians department of Odense Technical College   Themes   The study visit has been focused on: Apprenticeship schemes Educational programmes and paths for electricians Educational materials and resources for electricians Internal staff development and team building   Activities   During the week we had the opportunity to: Organise a [...]

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Groupements d’Employeurs – France

CSCS has participated in a research project focused on new organisational model for SMEs based on the French experience of the "Groupements d'Employeurs". The French Group of Companies and the Italian industrial clusters are good examples that show the importance that local dimension and local synergies play in the economic development and in the social [...]

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TKNIKA – Basque Government

A group of 12 consultants on entrepreneurship working within different educational institutions under the regional network TKNIKA for promoting entrepreneurship of the Basque Government. Themes The study visit has been focused on: How to promote the culture of among youngsters Training programmes about entrepreneurship Educational resources and Internet based tools Methodologies and resources to support [...]

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Comune Agliana – Study Visit in Spain

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The first citizen of Agliana, the Major Paolo Magnanensi, together with Luigi Della Greca, Simona Lombardi, responsible for public child education services of the Town, and educational experts, Donatella Santimoni and Sandra Lombardi, have visited a number of educational organizations across the Basque Country. Thanks to the partnership among and the Vocational Education Center [...]

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