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Learn to sell yourself : What are the important factors on first meeting? Eyes look at the eyes of your interviewer. Making the right amount of eye contact in an interview can make the difference in whether you successfully snag a job Hand: In a job interview, it is common to shake hands when first […]

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Weekly Monitoring and Evaluation

The trainee has the opportunity to meet weekly with the IMY tutor who provides mentoring support on the work placement and, in general, on the learning mobility experience. The trainee is required to fill in a weekly monitoring questionnaire describing the activities accomplished so far, either on paper or online at IMY staff [...]

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During the Internship

  On the first day of the work placement, IMY staff accompanies the trainee to the work place and introduces the learner to the company’s tutor. Once the work placement has started, it is the trainee’s responsibility to manage the relationship with the company and to respect the agreed working hours. If for example a [...]

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Before coming to Italy

IMY provides assistance in all aspects of the work placement, before the arrival of the trainee in Italy, throughout the entire internship and even after the trainee’s time in Italy Trainees are invited to upload their personal data onto the IMY online platform. They also have a telephone or email interview with IMY staff which focuses on defining their professional profile, their training needs [...]

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The Europass Mobility Certificate


  By carrying out your internship with you ensure your competencies to be monitored, periodically checked and evaluated. For European students we strongly recommend to use the Europass Mobility Certificate. What is it? The Europass Mobility is a record of any organised period of time (called Europass Mobility experience) that a person spends in […]

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The IMY competence based approach

It is important that at the end of your work experience you can tell what abilities you have learnt. That’s why, from the beginning, we help you to define with the company tutor your tasks according to the competencies you want to develop. Preliminary – preparatory phase Analyse your characteristics, your profile and expectations Define […]

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The Work Placement


Our qualified consultants look after the whole process of the work placement to make sure that students have a very profitable, interesting and challenging experience. We support you in organazing your work placement in Italy by providing assistance for: analyze the needs and expectations identify suitable opportunities introduce the students the first day in the […]

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